How to Reduce Bounce Rate ?

Just as much as bringing in traffic to your site is important, retaining the traffic is even more important (and difficult too). Bringing in traffic could be easy by enticing visitors to come to your page with attractive headlines and introduction to text. But, keeping them on your page for a good amount of time isn’t as easy. And, if users come to your page but leave almost immediately, Google will see that as a negative point and penalize you. This may result in a ranking loss, which you definitely don’t want. So, here are some tips that can help you reduce the bounce rate for your pages.

Optimize for mobile

It is no unknown fact that users are relying a lot on their smartphones for browsing, searching, and purchasing too. This makes it very important for you to optimize your page for mobiles. This means that your page must be compatible with all kinds of operating systems and also able to fit into every kind of screen. Not doing so will make it inconvenient for mobile users to browse through your page, which will have them bouncing away to another site.

Optimize your images

First of all, remember that an all-text page is going to be boring for your visitors, which is why you need to add some visual elements to the page like images, videos, infographics, etc. But, also remember that these images need to be relevant and useful. Also, they must be of the best quality, but this quality shouldn’t affect the speed of the page. Generally, high quality images are heavy in size, which slows down the page loading speed. Thus, you need to optimize your images such that the size is reduced, while keeping the quality intact. Make sure that you use the right image size, and check for the pixels. Also, compress the images to further reduce the file size without affecting the image quality.

Eliminate pop-ups and time wastage

The world is becoming impatient and gets frustrated almost instantly. And, imagine the annoyance that will be generated when users are in the middle of something and they are interrupted with a useless ad. Or, the frustration they may feel when they have to wait for the page to load. In both cases, you are generating a bad user experience, which will have them bounce off from your page earlier than you expect. So, make sure to have your page loading fast, and also avoid any kinds of interruptions and unnecessary pop-ups.

Use the right call to action buttons

You should use clear call to action buttons, which will not only lower your bounce rates, but will also improve conversions. However, remember that these call to action buttons should be clear, concise, and attractive so that they can direct your visitors to the right area of your site and tell them what they need to do. Keep them direct and make them result-oriented.

With these simple tips, you can have the most optimized page that will keep the visitors with you right up till they have taken the action that you want them to. And, for many other such tips, you can always hire professional SEO Agency in Bangalore, SEO Freelancers in Bangalore , which will lead you to even better results!

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